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need some help with Randy Slone's power supply in Tab Guide To Understanding...


I have several  questions for someone a lot smarter than me... I am trying to put together a parts list for this power supply, and I want to order everything I need to finish it at once, first is the bridge rectifier, it calls for a 6 amp 200 volt PIV bridge rectifier. The only ones I have found with those values are for PCB mounting, not chassis mounting. Later on it calls for a 0.1uF Ceramic Disk capacitor, but gives no value for voltage... HELP please

C3 and C4 are the caps I was talking about in this schematic, the other image is a overall schematic

It looks like the most voltage that those caps are going to handle is about 2.4V.  So caps rated at 6.3V or better should work.  Personally, I'd probably just use 25V or 50V caps.  That's the voltage rating most through hole caps will be for that size.

So far as the bridge rectifier goes... you might have to settle for using a PCB mount part.  It looks like the project is going to have a perfboard for the smaller components, anyway.  So you can just use a little bigger board and throw the bridge rectifier on it.

wonderful and thank you!! I appreciate the help!!


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