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--- Quote from: BoredAtWork on January 14, 2011, 06:41:31 am ---It is the same with social media. Clueless MBAs and marketing idiots who have no idea what to do, but are paid to "do something", pick up a buzzword, start an "initiative", burn through some budget, and fail.
--- End quote ---

Totally true. What's funny is that some "don't get it" in that they never tweet, or post, or whatever, and others "don't get it" by tweeting non-stop. It's like having a babbling 4-year old in the room. Adafruit is in that camp. I like the company, but I'm about to stop following them because the SNR is too low.

EDN and Microchip get it about right.

I've "unfriended" virtually all business/tech from my face book and leave that exclusively for family and (non geek) friends.

Thanks for the video link.

As far as the facebook goes, just create a disposible email (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.) and mae another facebook account just for non-family / non-friends. Use a real name and post some kind of picture - it doesn't have to be your name or even the name of the person in the picture.

Close to 500 million people do that already  ;D


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