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newbie question about transformer

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ok i want to build this circuit http://kipkay.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/snip-burn-galley_Page_088.jpg  BUT my transformer has an extra middle leg...... what is that for!? also when i hook  9v up to it, i get no voltage out the other side.......

9v what? dc or ac?

its most probably a center tapping, if you have a multimeter test that pin to any of the others using the ohms range if it doesnt measure then its probably just for support when its on a PCB and open circuit

Transformers need AC to work, a battery won't do the trick.  It's the dv/dt, or the change in voltage, that transfers the power.  That's why DC won't work, it's a steady voltage.

The middle wire is called the center tap.  A center-tapped transformer is capable of push-pull operation and is commonly used in audio amplifiers.

ahhh i was using dc.... THNX!!! :D


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