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Newbies Second Board - comments
« on: March 04, 2014, 12:10:09 pm »
Hi All

This is my second board in eagle, I'd appreciate some comments.
I had this one manufactured by OSHPark ( quick turnaround ), the first version by iteadstudio ( slow ).
I'm an electronics newbie, wannabe.
The first version had less headers broken out for ADCs/GPIO and was using the internal mcu oscillator. I found the precision of the internal oscillator not quite what I hoped so I added the crystal and the shared clock.
2 ( pic18f26k22 ) ICs, I2C and Serial interface ( SPI internal comms ).
It's for a 18 servo Hexapod I've been tinkering with for quite a while.
I'm too scared to try SMT but I know I have to eventually try it.

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