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Newby question - Batronix Multimeters any good?

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--- Quote from: EEVblog on December 26, 2010, 08:37:13 am ---I had an Iso-Tech about a decade ago, was a heap of rebadged crap.
The internal support post broke when unscrewing the case.
--- End quote ---
One of the issues I have with these store "brands" is that they make it impossible to predict the quality of the branded stuff.

Over the years there must be hundreds of manufacturers behind ISO-TECH products. Some may even be good (ISO-TECH IDS-6000A oscilloscopes are in fact Instek GDS-1000A oscilloscopes). But just because some instruments are good doesn't mean the next instruments from another OEM are as good.

With a real brand chances are that they keep their quality level and it is possible to predict the quality of a new instrument. Yes, there are slips, but in general a real brand makes it much easier to predict their quality.

To be honest that ISO-TEC reminds of my VC-99 multimerter off ebay - a very bad buy, the case is the same outline although some functions have been split up and there is a button under the display less and they are a different shape, I don't know, don't take it as being a fluke equivalent

Hello Portugal .  :)

It looks that about Batronix  , your are dealing with an German company ,
that offers something with 3 years warranty.

Its not the first time , that Germans or English companies ,
makes  deals  with Chinese companies, and they offer one product range,
that it was previously  inspected and tested by the importer it self.

Re brand, its an common trick ,  because if it was called as FUK-NA-CHEN ,
you would probably avoid it.

Interesting enough,  those Germans they have the product range of  RIGOL about bench multimeter,
and oscilloscopes , and the Batronix range as portable multimeter's.

Their technical papers , looks well made , but not top.

I will say yes .. get it ,  the three years warranty , and the faith of the seller on the product,
its positive signs  ,  that you do not find easily , when you buy similar stuff , on super market baskets for
9.99 EUR .   


--- Quote from: Simon on December 26, 2010, 12:45:57 pm ---To be honest that ISO-TEC reminds of my VC-99 multimerter off ebay - a very bad buy, the case is the same outline
--- End quote ---

Thats interesting, because it reminds me of one of my meters too. My one is exactly the same case except its orange plastic and different brand/rebrand.  And i am quite happy with my one.  Its not an awesome meter, but its pretty good.

Looks like BoredAtWork is right, you never can tell the quality with re-branded meters that use the same case.

well I can't swear from the little picture that is is the same case as the VC-99 but it sure reminded me of it, although the buttons are different but then that's just a case of punching different shaped holes in it.


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