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Newby question - Batronix Multimeters any good?

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I'm a newby and I need some advice in buying a multimeter. Because money isn't much I was thinking in buying one of these 2 multimeters:

Batronix BXM98T

ISO-Tech IdM72

The Batronix has 0.05% basic DCV precision and is very nicely priced - too nicely to be true? I can't find any reviews or comments in the net about this brand. ISO-Tech perhaps is a better brand but the specs are not so good.
Has anyone heard about any of these two multimeters or brands? Are they any good? I really need some help on this!

Please forgive my bad english, it's not my mother language.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!

With kind regards,
Paulo from Portugal.

The ISO-Tech IdM72 is a better meter, it autoranges and looks to be better quallity however it doesnt have a mA range, which you really do want.

Both are rebranded stuff. I wouldn't trust any of them, as long as the original manufacturer isn't clearly identifiable. I hate this stupid rebranding games. Why the fsck do even distributors like RS think they need an own store brand, instead ob being honest about where their stuff comes from?

If I had to choose, I'd go with the ISO-Tech and dump the Batronix, because from the features it is more of a joke for 70 USD.

I had an Iso-Tech about a decade ago, was a heap of rebadged crap.
The internal support post broke when unscrewing the case.


The fluke meters built for the china market are around the same price and far better value.


Only real disadvantage is it's not true RMS like the two above are. However i think i'd trust a non-rms fluke over a dodgy brand true rms meter anyway.


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