Author Topic: Not to be a jerk, im going to be trying to fix my Monitor and a tv given to me  (Read 1058 times)

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Both have bad powerboards. I just bought my iron the ts100 with the b2 tip i believe. Can anyone send me like 1/2 oz or 1/4oz of kesser 0.031 solder? I dont have enough to buy the 1 lb for 26-28 bucks atm, i Just need a little to basically, stick on 7 caps if i replace all the ones on the monitor, 1 tiny button on my xbox mini controller for my pc, and most likely 3-8 caps on the television. If anyone is able to do that for free id be eternally greatful. Im pretty sure im not supposed to do this, and feel free to say no or if you have a source i can spend like 5 bucks for some good 60/40 solder with good rosin core in it lemme know. I just dont have enought to fork out almost 30 with shipping atm. If you know somewhere that sells small tubes of the stuff. I got a small tube from walmart, its probably just, i know its too think for my little shoulder button on my gamepad. The caps it may work for. There is just no where in my town I can get anything like this.

If this is inappropriate to ask, feel free to delete it guys, im not trying to be a jerk at all. I mean i dont expect anyone to send anything over what would fit in an envelope with a stamp if they feel like it. Otherwise. I will post results and pics after I fix or try to fix these items. Ill get my iron on the 15th :) Wish me luck.

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It's not an inappropriate question exactly, just a really weird one to ask. What's really weird is that you assume you have to buy a pound of solder and lesser quantities don't exist for you to purchase. Well, I'm sure someone would probably let you borrow some if you lived close enough but having the ship it is a bit much.

I use eutectic solder (63/37) for its eutectic properties and a quick search on Amazon brings up two rolls: one 0.8 mm (about 31.5 mils) and one 0.6mm (about 23.6mils) diameter 63/37 solder for $6.88 and $7.39 respectively. Each contains 50 grams of solder.


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np, and thank you, people said avoid ebay for kesser because you can get fake solder, ill try one of the links u guys provided me, thanks guys

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For monitor and TV repairs, I just use the 60/40, sort by lowest price, solder off ebay.  It is usually 99 cents + free shipping.

Works well enough for me to repair several monitors and TVs with bad capacitors.

Your mileage may vary.

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