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I've been probing a xbox 360 pad to see what sort of signals are being used for the button presses and I came across a "problem".
Looking at one pulse of the signal on the oscilloscope I get a repeating signal of 2.32V pic A
I zoom out a little further and I get 3 pulses of 2.32V pic B
Zoom out again and I get these 3 pulses repeating at 2.32V pic C
Zoom out again and I get a very different picture - these 3 pulses repeating but each set at a higher voltage repeating 8 times pic D
Pic E shows one of the repetitions and Pic F and G show the end of one and beginning of another the last pulse measuring 2.3V and the first 1.06V.

I guess this is down to a lack of understanding of setting up the oscilloscope or something similar but why when I look at a single pulse does it show a stable voltage at 2.3V when it is clearly changing? Is there a way around this of setting up the scope correctly or is it just a case of making sure you check out the entire signal from a large to small range on the time scale?

you need to post the pictures or we don't know what you are talking about

I have posted them and I see them in the post above...
I've taken a screenshot - I'll attach it to the post and post a link to photobucket in case it's a forum issue.

oh dear we need to sort this out, neither opera, IE or firefox show the images. can you still see the images your end ?

Yeah still see them, do you see the attached pic in the second post or only the photobucket one?


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