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OBD Signal breakout box
« on: February 13, 2014, 03:14:49 pm »
First post, hello!  :blah:

I want to make it easy to hook up my scope to the OBD adapter in my car, while a computer is connected. Cutting an OBD2 extension lead, soldering jacks inline for each wire and mounting it all in a wee project box is the easiest route.

I was wondering about introducing some protection for my instruments though. How would i best go about protecting against:

  • Over voltage conditions - inline an opto coupler? Would this potentially screw with the RF signals?
  • Polarity errors
  • Over current - unlikely i'd have thought although i could be using more than 1 probe on the scope at a time so it's possible, maybe i should include fuses anyway

I'd like to make this a keeper, i can imagine using it many times over the years so a little extra effort up front to make a quality breakout box would be worthwhile.

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