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Ohm's Law Triangle (Large)

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Was just looking on the net today at the many Ohm's Law triangles available and thinking.. How come there's not a large one out there so that noobs like myself can print a decent sized one out to stick on the wall? So for me, and people like me.. I made one :) Just click the link below to my Mediafire account for the large one...


very nice classic. maybe time for a new invention...

Guess I'm showing my age, but it's odd to me to see the "V" in the triangle. I always learned it as "E" = IR.

And you're leaving out it's sister triangle...  P=IE  (or, I guess P=IV now-a-days).

Here's a better Ohm's law graphic. I admit I use this one. V = IR is easy and so is V = I2/R but I always have to work out the more obscure ones like V = ?(PR)

Yea I think I saw that one too Hero, I like it. I'll probably do a large version of that too when I get a little more time.


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