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Wallace Gasiewicz:
Hope this is the appropriate spot to post
I recently acquired a bunch of old wire wound resistors New Old Stock

402.2 K  1/10 %

NAT. RES. Pearl River  New York

They are within specs still Measure 402.2 K  on my Biddle Bridge and all are very close in values on my HP 3456
About 1.95 Henries on my Genrad

Were these used in any equipment that anyone knows of?

I can't imagine the value of a high ohmage resistor with that much inductance.

It kind of occurred to me at 1.95 Henries that is a lot of wire. I see the 1/10th % rating on the resistance. I should think that would vary drastically with temperature change? I guess the wire could be a blend of different metals but I am not sure zero temperature drift can be obtained, at least within .1% across say 0c to 70c? Just pondering how this thing was used? Cheers mate, hope someone can chime in on its intended use.

I suspect they would've been used in vacuum tube circuits.

Kim Christensen:

--- Quote from: Wallace Gasiewicz on March 23, 2023, 12:01:27 pm ---About 1.95 Henries on my Genrad
--- End quote ---

Are you sure that's an accurate measurement? Doesn't sound right to me at all.


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