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On device's side, should I connect USB cable shielding to the black wire?

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I'm using CH340N and stm32f103 blue pill. I used USB cable and connected red to vcc, green to d+, white to d- and black to gnd. Everything works fine. But the cable also have shielding. Should I connect the breadded shielding to black wire?

Do you have a metal or shielded enclosure? Are there any other connections to your board?


No metal enclosure. STM32 has it's own power. Grounds are connected between STM32 and CH340N.

In general, power and shielding should be kept separate. It amazes me how often the metal shell of connectors is not connected to the screen of cables, not helped by the lack of solder tag on many plugs/sockets.


In most of micro USB cables shield is connected to GND wire internally. The only case when you should even consider not connecting shield to GND plane is when connector shell is connected to metal enclosure that by itself has connection to GND. USB type C specification explicitly demands connector shell to be connected to GND plane.


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