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open circuit reading of multimeter in mV range

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Hi folks,
          I have just bought a Uni-T UT61C multimeter and while playing with it, i notice that the voltage reading in mV range is increasing constantly and sometime when i turn on the multimeter and straight away set it to mV range, it shows overload. Previously, i have been using cheap multimeter which never had such a behaviour in 200mV range.

Couldn't it be that it catches some noise? They have a very high input impedance, and signal is rectified for DC measurement, so I suppose noise rectified charges input capacitance and makes voltage grow up.
Have you tried to go, for example, outdoors? Does the problem increase if you touch a terminal?


here is an example, another thing is while on auto range, after 60mV, the value jumped to 200+, obviously the range changed automatically but the value jumps from 60mV to 200mV is kinda weird to me. the probe is not in contact with anything. there is only a fan running next to me, i did move out and try, it is the same. it is normal??

As long ,when you sorting the leads , the reading becomes 0000  your multimeter is healthy.

Nah, i'm just curious about the reason behind this behaviour. The voltage actually decreases after it reaches about 200-250mV at very very slow rate.


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