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So for my new build which operating system should i use? WinXP 32 or 64? or Win7 32 / 64????

This is a specific workbench system, ill be running electronics emulator, and programs to program chips like avr studio or arduino IDE

I'd recommend Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate Edition (64 bits) with a Windows XP Virtual Machine (32 bits).

You could run any software/hardware by using that combination.

I do not think that you have so many options today ... Legal OS

But, I bet that you can buy XP-Pro 32bit , on ebay .

My vote goes to XP-Pro .

if it is just for electronics and it's not the most powerful 64 bit system with over 3.5 GB of RAM I'd go for XP 32 bit, from what I hear xp 64 bit was a bit of a fars because by then Vista was on the way and the driver coverage for XP64 was not great as manufacturers turned to vista.

many slight older and freeware programs are more likely to work on XP than vista/7

I have a  Q8300 cpu, with 4gb of ram, and ASUS MB and 128GB SSD


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