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I have my oscilloscope plugged into the same outlet line (circuit breaker <--> wall outlets) as my computer, monitor, power supply, etc. and I happen to be getting what I feel like is a lot of noise. Doing the self calibration did not improve (or make worse) anything so now I am wondering what I would be able to do to clean up the noise from the AC outlet. Rewiring the house is not an option.

I took a picture with nothing plugged in to the osilloscope. This is the Rigol DS1052E 50MHz (not hacked) that is very common on here.

is this 200mV/Div the setting you took the measurement on ? if not (you have zoomed in) it is normal, if it is yes that is a bit much, I was a little disappointed with the noise on my scope but this is inherent in digital scopes.

I just did another one (200mV / 200ns) and it doesn't look like that so I must have zoomed in.

I guess that it is good to hear that it is normal - at least it isn't broken.

Thanks for letting me know.

looks  just like mine with or without the hack, I suspect that SMPS is part of the problem, when I get around to screening the motherboard I'll let the forum know of the effect if any

Is the Rigol normally that bad? 0.8V PtP noise?

You should really ground the probe when look for noise however.


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