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Oscilloscope question.

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What do you think about this scope? http://www.ekit.ro/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=24

I can't afford a digital scope and can't find a ok analog scope. I know what's Dave opinion about the usb based scopes is. i want to use it for debugging arduino problems, see the ripple on my homemade supply unit and so on. There will be nothing very important only hobby stuff. The price in US dollars is about $110-$120.

It's got a sample speed of 1mhz, so it's only going to produce a readable waveform when the input is below 400khz.
Unfortunately that's not enough to work with microcontrollers. You really need a sample speed above 20mhz

My advice would be to keep looking until you find a working analog scope above 20mhz, it really is worth it.
If you do end up getting a USB scope you should get a faster one than 1mhz.

Thanks for the answer. So i need to save up and buy a digital oscilloscope. i will post here what i found on the internet.

A $100 second hand analog scope is all you really need. As long as it works and is above 20mhz (preferably >50mhz).

The benefits of an analog or digital scope over a USB scope are HUGE.
But the benefits of a digital scope over an analog scope are minimal for most tasks and some things are actually easier on an old analog scope.

I agree... keep your eyes on ebay and you will find a good working 20/40/60 MHz analog scope for around 100 on occasions.

Just dont buy this one:



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