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Oscilloscope training class (long)

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Brilliant stuff!  :-+

Wow...I'm 40 years old now, have been on the internet for over 20 years, and this is, seriously, the very first time I've signed up for a forum with a specific question/need in mind which was actually answered by an easily found sticky post.  Well, at least I assume it will be..just registered a few minutes ago, and haven't yet watched the video, but based on the contents list, I believe it either will be or will at least get me much closer to an answer.  Specifically questioning what a large impedance mismatch between 'scope probe and 'scope input will mean.  I have a Tek 222PS 'scope with a 333.3K input impedance, the proper probes have long since become unobtanium, but I have a bunch of 1M impedance probes on the bench. 

I'm definitely looking forward to finding some time to watch the video here :) 

L/C/R Putzer:
I read that Tektronix probes have a designed center conductor that is not a straight wire, but may have twists and bends for probe compensation. Besides the compensation adjustment.

w2aew Alan Wolke, best teacher ever, professtional video's, Detailed , Every word to the point (all being said in short time)
Clear langauge (important for those whom English is not thier mother language), Nice pleasend quite voice, No ego ! Please if you meet him at the club, tell him this.


--- Quote from: w2aew on June 28, 2011, 05:28:42 pm ---Armin - if you are interested in analog troubleshooting, I would highly recommend the "Troubleshooting Analog Circuits" book by Robert A. Pease.  Bob Pease just recently was killed, a tremendous loss to the Analog Design community.  Thankfully, he was a prolific writer, with a regular column (Pease Porridge) in the Electronic Design magazine.

--- End quote ---
I'm an old guy just getting started in analog - I hadn't heard of Mr. Pease before, so thank you for the introduction to this remarkable man.

Here's a link to a large collection of his writings:http://doc.xdevs.com/doc/_Lab/


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