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Oscilloscope training class (long)

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Thank you!!

Wish it was available during my University days....

Very cool! I have to watch this video! I'm kind of new in electronics and Oscilloscopes are a little intimidating. I actually bought a Hantek DSO5072P last year but I still haven't gotten to try it out yet.

I have just dipped my toe in today with some practical scope training, by the arrival of my first digital bench oscilloscope.

A bit of queasy purchase, as getting the right price point,  brand, and model as a beginner is not without risk of disappointment.

At the moment though I'm happy enough with my decision of GW Instek MDO-2302A.

picture shows a ringing trace from my Keysight AWG at 4V pk-pk 2kHz square wave input.

Congrats!  Ringing mostly due to the test lead inductance and unterminated output.


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