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Oscilloscope training class (long)

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The Siglent is a good choice and you should go for the 4-channel model if you can afford to.

Adding my email response to this thread so others can view/comment:

The SDS1052DL+ (USD$289) doesn't seem competitive (price or features) with several Rigol scopes including:

* https://www.tequipment.net/Rigol/DS1102Z-E/Digital-Oscilloscopes/ (USD $279)
* https://www.tequipment.net/Rigol/DS1202Z-E/Digital-Oscilloscopes/?v=7401  (USD $339)The Rigol scopes seem to offer superior features in every area including bandwidth, time-base accuracy, serial bus analysis (something you will probably appreciate in your application), memory depth, etc.  I simply don't see any advantage to the Siglent scope you are considering.  I have nothing against Siglent and have several pieces of their equipment including a SA/VNA and SG...I just don't see the particular scope you are considering as offering a good value when compared with the Rigol scopes.  I have had good experiences with Rigol, Siglent, and Owon; you have a wealth of good choices.

Also, the vendor I linked to above (TEquipment) sometimes offers a small discount to EEVblog members; it's worth asking if you're going to buy from them; I have purchased from them before and had good experiences.

space was at a premium - yesterday - testing my perf-board common emitter stabilized transistor amplifier

so I had to face the Hantek 2C42 user interface , eventually getting a good setup.

My low voltage gain (I now realise) was probably down to not soldering the 100uf emitter cap in circuit  :palm:

... a long night with Hantek to get Lissajous theory and practice to agree, as we know they must.

... it turns out triggering the Hantek for X-Y mode was a pita. And the frequency generator must be in internal sync to get a circle.

I was going to post another thread but think this is okay here. I'm just starting electronics. I've been messing with capacitors and output signals from an arduino and would like to see the wave forms. That's pretty much all I would want an oscilloscope for right now. I don't know how long I'll continue the hobby so don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on equipment until I'm invested. Is there anyway around buying an oscilloscope or paying so much?


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