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Oscilloscope training class (long)

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The Siglent is a good choice and you should go for the 4-channel model if you can afford to.

Adding my email response to this thread so others can view/comment:

The SDS1052DL+ (USD$289) doesn't seem competitive (price or features) with several Rigol scopes including:

* https://www.tequipment.net/Rigol/DS1102Z-E/Digital-Oscilloscopes/ (USD $279)
* https://www.tequipment.net/Rigol/DS1202Z-E/Digital-Oscilloscopes/?v=7401  (USD $339)The Rigol scopes seem to offer superior features in every area including bandwidth, time-base accuracy, serial bus analysis (something you will probably appreciate in your application), memory depth, etc.  I simply don't see any advantage to the Siglent scope you are considering.  I have nothing against Siglent and have several pieces of their equipment including a SA/VNA and SG...I just don't see the particular scope you are considering as offering a good value when compared with the Rigol scopes.  I have had good experiences with Rigol, Siglent, and Owon; you have a wealth of good choices.

Also, the vendor I linked to above (TEquipment) sometimes offers a small discount to EEVblog members; it's worth asking if you're going to buy from them; I have purchased from them before and had good experiences.

space was at a premium - yesterday - testing my perf-board common emitter stabilized transistor amplifier

so I had to face the Hantek 2C42 user interface , eventually getting a good setup.

My low voltage gain (I now realise) was probably down to not soldering the 100uf emitter cap in circuit  :palm:

... a long night with Hantek to get Lissajous theory and practice to agree, as we know they must.

... it turns out triggering the Hantek for X-Y mode was a pita. And the frequency generator must be in internal sync to get a circle.


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