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overvoltage protection for motorcycle

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I have a dirt bike that has a single phase alternator and an AC regulator that shunts excess voltage to ground.   The problem with this configuration is if the regulator fails it will then allow high voltage downstream and fries expensive parts.  I would like to put somekind of overvoltage protection in place so that if anything over 14.4V it will shutdown.  There is a rectifier so I can put in a DC circuit. 

Any off the shelf suggestions?  I need about 5Amps.  All the automotive regulators I see work with the alternator.

Is the battery being fried too, or is there no battery in this kind of bike?

If the battery voltage is going over 15V, then it is damaging the battery as well, so it will need protection too.

no battery. 

No battery?

Normally a battery does a major job in regulating the voltage swings.

With no battery, I am not experienced in how they make it all work.  Is there a big capacitor somewhere to smooth out the DC, or do they just have a very crude rectified AC going to al the accessories?

What sort of parts need protecting. Is this things like lights, electronic ignition, or is it electronic accessories that you have added.

This is old technology. It just sounds odd that the regulator can fail so easily.  There will be ways you could design an extra regulator or a crowbar + fuse protection, but it sounds like there is a problem that is not being fixed to me.

yea I'd say a crowbar and fuse but I'd be inclined to rebuild the regulator


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