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I got a 30 foot flagpole with 16' of led lights that will light up perfectly when I attach then to the fully charged 12 v battery.  I  bought a 10-50v photocell and tested it on my power supply using a small led strip and short wire.  When I get out to the flag pole everything is connected properly and the photo cell clicks but doesn't work.  The only difference I can see is the 30' of wire and using the power supply instead of the battery at the pole.  I suspect the cheap photo cell but even if it is that please tell enlighten me on what the problem might be. I'm attaching the specs on the cell.

Terry Bites:
The word Tungsten is the clue.
Its not designed to work with LEDS but old school tungsten lamps.
Try adding a small (same voltage) tungsten across the LEDS.

Newbie here Terry.  I get the fact that the cell isn't for leds but don't know how to add a small tungsten across leds means?

You can connect in parallel with the leds. But I think that the label means "10A if you use tungsten lamps - 4.2A if you use E (lectronic?) ballast (fluorescent tubes?)". The first comma is a bit strange.
If you can hear a click, the output switch must be a relay, that have no many problem with the type of load. A too long wire will give you more resistance and a dimmer light, but no an absolute fail.
Are you sure that you have correctly connected the polarity of leds?

Terry Bites:
I mean put a filament bulb in parallel with the 12V leds. An old school tail light bulb or similar.
All common filament bulbs are tungsten.


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