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Some simple question:
A series resistor, Rs, may be required for AT strip cut crystals, it is said in pic datasheet.
So... if I have Series resistance of 100 ? in Quartz datasheet, is it the same resistance what pic datasheet is talking about?

can you clarify the question  please ?


--- Quote from: Simon on December 26, 2010, 02:50:15 pm ---can you clarify the question  please ?

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sorry about my bad english,

but what I what to know is should I use this serial resistor?

The datasheet for the resistor and pic in question should show you the common basic diagrams for setting the crystal up

Post the page from the PIC data sheet AND the crystal data sheet (in PDF form) or cut and paste the relevant data here if you can (as an image) and we will be a lot clearer as to your meaning. Thanks.


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