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PIC16F722 programing troubles especialy for debug mode

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--- Quote from: migsantiago on December 21, 2010, 01:51:56 pm ---OK, I got your file. I'm testing it today or tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting my site.  ;D

--- End quote ---

I can not thank you enough. I have completely run out of ideas no apart from desolder everything and start again. I have begun the project just using program only and debugging manually. To help you test I have attached a screen shot of PIN6 that is RA4. I got this screen shot by using program only mode.

I looked in my PIC stash and I just found a PIC16LF727, which is a PIC16F722's cousin. At first, I just wrongly selected PIC16F727 on the device selection. The pickit2 couldn't enter debug mode (unexpected devide id).

Than I switched to PIC16LF727 and voila! the PIC was detected.

--- Quote ---Initializing PICkit 2 version
Found PICkit 2 - Operating System Version 2.32.0
PICkit 2 Unit ID = MigSantiago XD
Target power not detected - Powering from PICkit 2 ( 3.30V)
PIC16LF727 found (Rev 0x7)
PICkit 2 Ready
--- End quote ---

But when I tried to debug it, this happened...

--- Quote ---Resetting
Programming Target (22/12/2010  08:25:27 a.m.)
PIC16LF727 found (Rev 0x7)
Erasing Target
Programming Program Memory (0x0 - 0x1D7)
Verifying Program Memory (0x0 - 0x1D7)
Programming Debug Executive (0x-1F00 - 0x1FFF)
Verifying Debug Executive (0x1F00 - 0x1FFF)
Programming Debug Vector
Verifying Debug Vector
Programming Configuration Memory
Verifying Configuration Memory
PK2Error0028:  Unable to enter debug mode
PICkit 2 Ready

Running Target
PICkit 2 Ready

--- End quote ---

I kept looking for errors or misconfigurations but found nothing. The Pickit2 could not debug the PIC16LF727. It even crashed MPLAB.

Make sure that the PIC can actually work with the internal oscillator while working at 5V or 3.3V. I also added some config bits...

--- Code: ---#include "pic16f72x.h"

--- End code ---

Sorry man, it seems that you will need to ask from the experts help, the Microchip support team.

Try debugging the PIC using an external crystal and not the internal oscillator.

Thank you so much for all the help. I am continually amazed by the kindness of people on this forum, not least migsantiago.

I am onto the Microchip support now, I will let you know what I do to fix it if it is eventually fixed.


Good luck man. I'm also interested in what they say.


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