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please critique this linear PSU
« on: February 16, 2016, 02:02:14 pm »
Hello everyone :)

Finally, after months of research, I'm about to assemble yet another prototype of a linear bench PSU. Could you please have a short look at it? May be there are some obvious mistakes?

Basically, it's a regulator from LT3080's datasheet + blackdog's preregulator: . Input: ~12V, output: 0-12V, 1.1A.

To be assembled on a protoboard with a ground plane (twin industries 8100-45). I attached how it supposed to look like if done right :). Some components share holes, this is intended :).  Topmost TO-220 are misaligned on the picture, this is a rendering issue. Also, diptrace does not support vertical mount of resistors and diodes I replaced them with generic stubs with proper lead spacing.

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