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Please help identifying the round connector

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Could anyone let me know what connector is the round one? I need to connect my device directly to a scale without the need for a pair of standard 9 pin serial connector. Many thanks!

Please list the scale’s manufacturer and model number, and measure the connector as accurately as possible.

German DIN/Tuchel or Hirose


Thank you @tooki, @jonpaul!
The serial cable connects using the round connector to a serial port on the Adam AE 403 indicator: https://www.adamequipment.co.uk/ae-403
The serial port is on the bottom (from page 7 in the user manual: https://www.adamequipment.co.uk/media/docs/Print%20Publications/Manuals/AE403_UM_EN.pdf:

Seeing the metal shield around the female connector I am thinking that it is a "very special" connector  |O

Will not have access to the scale/indicator for about 2 week so unfortunately I cannot provide dimension. I am sorry for this; I learned this lesson and will know next time.

Not sure if it helps, on the indicator details page above there is also a service manual: https://www.adamequipment.co.uk/media/docs/Print%20Publications/Manuals/AE403_SM_EN.pdf
I read both manuals but the connector codes are internally assigned, could not find anything based on those.

I am not 100% sure but  I think it's the 4 pin Eurofast M12 femaie connector.


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