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Power supply and short circuit protection.

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We have a simple power supply on our bench at Uni, 9V 1A AC, and a switch that wont turn on if attached to a short circuit.  My google-fu isn't getting me any closer to a circuit diagram on how to build this switch, can someone point me in the right direction?


What type of switch is it?

Okay, so the switch is more like a box with two terminals to grab power from, two push-button switches and two LED's.  Pushing the red switch will allow power to flow and illuminate a green LED while pushing the black switch will stop it.  If however a short circuit is connected to the terminals then a red LED will light up and the box will make a sort of buzz/vibration and no current will flow into your circuit.


From what your saying, the box contains a current limiting circuit of some kind. If you google it you will find many examples.

It's just a circuit breaker.


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