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Kim Christensen:
Not surprising that you ended up buying some LM741. It's the most used chip in tutorials and examples. While it's been superseded by more modern chips long ago, it's still a usable IC within it's limitations. Worth plugging into a breadboard and playing around with.

The L100 you mentioned is also obsolete, but it could still be a useful learning tool. Buy a spare if you're getting them cheap.
The adjustable current limiting in the LM100 circuit you posted appears to interact with the voltage setting, which would be a bit of a pain in a lab power supply.

If you don't need adjustable current limiting, the LM317 could be used instead.  (Good for 1.5A and 40V max input)

Yeah I've got sockets for the opamps, will use them


--- Quote ---It's the most used chip in tutorials and examples.
--- End quote ---
Definitely fell for that haha!
I've got a few LM317Ts at work actually, however I need an adjustable current.


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