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Chet T16:
Hi all,

First post ;D

I'm putting together a bench power supply using two tuxgraphics kits for dual outputs.

I know people on here aren't overly impressed with these kits but its going to be a bit better than my chopped up wall adapter i use now!

I bought a laptop power supply to run both of them off and i want to get some opinions on it before i go ahead with putting everything together.

With the kits i'm looking at 22V/2.5A each and this power supply gives a claimed 5A @ 24V

Does it look like it might work? (i.e. does it look like disasterous crap that will kill everyone :P) Any problems just splitting the output between the two bench supplies?

Pics turned out a bit dark, sorry.

Thanks :)

I am using a modified (4x16 display with power consumption, removed the i2c protocol among other things I can't recall now) version of the old tuxgraphics psu for several years.

I think that this laptop psu is ok. I am using a 3 amp 24 v laptop psu my self.


I would also suggest using a neon lamp to the output of the laptop psu.

Chet T16:
Forgive my ignorance, neon lamp? ???


--- Quote from: Chet T16 on April 27, 2011, 05:14:24 pm ---Forgive my ignorance, neon lamp? ???

--- End quote ---

In some switch mode psus there is a "high voltage" component that could potentially cause problems with some devices. I managed to eliminate mine with a
--- End quote ---
connected to the laptop psu output (A neon lamp was sitting to my bench at the time :P. I  tried some caps too with no effect).

Test with a testing screwdriver your laptop psu output.


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