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Previous board repair appeared to swap TD62064AP for TD62064APG. Should I swap?

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--- Quote from: barfdogg on June 21, 2021, 02:23:16 pm ---Also, since I cant figure out how to have this thing assembled and ON to test the PWM line to the TD62064APG ...

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Solder a thin insulated wire to the pad of the offending IC83 I3 Pin 11, and snake the other end out to where you can access it to test it running.  Tape it down near the end to an insulating surface so it cant accidentally short to chassis, a power rail or another signal.

Good idea. I will do that.

0.04V is irrelevant, that's a ridiculously small amount of voltage, likely just the result of the ground potential changing slightly from other loads coming on and off. Can you measure continuity from the terminal of the lamp all the way to a pin on that IC?

Did you entertain the idea that the lamp is broken? If the driver chip pin is always low, the lamp should be lit. This is a low-side switch. If it's open, you should see the lamp supply voltage at the pin. If it's closed, you should see 0V or thereabouts. You get 0V and no light, so either the lamp or the connection to the lamp is broken.

Yep, I attached a test lead to from the leg of the IC and get continuity at the very end of the wire. (I removed the lamp base for testing.)

I will be checking for the PWM signal that should be triggering the TD62064APG when I get another chance to work on it. If I can see the signal that will pretty much doom this IC.

I know the voltage is small, just found it odd this one was moving slightly when on or off due to the the lamp wiring NEXT to it would stay exactly steady when on or off. I assume this is due to it being "open"


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