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Previous board repair appeared to swap TD62064AP for TD62064APG. Should I swap?

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When I first started repairing the machine a dead lamp was my first assumption as a few others were out as well.

When I went to replace it, I found that someone had removed the factory lamp base and replaced it with a non standard one. There was already a new bulb installed, but I replaced it anyway with no change. I then tested the lamps in other sockets and they were functional.

Once I started diving deeper I found repair work had been done to the IC that drives this lamp, so It appears someone had previously assumed the lamp base was faulty, then either fixed or attempted to fix the issue by replacing the IC. "if" they fixed it, then the replacement has failed as well, or if it did not fix it, then the culprit is likely the M68HC11 not sending the PWM signal the driver is waiting for. I think we are close to an answer.

Ground the wire that leads to the lamp and confirm that it comes on. I've seen a lot of bad lamp sockets, bad connections, broken wires, etc. It's very easy to verify this.

Just finished replacing IC81. It was in fact the culprit. While it was receiving a signal, it was not changing the output state. I swapped it out and put it all back together and good as new.

Thank you everyone that commented with input on the issue.


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