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Problem when adding the Oscilloscope probe to my circuit output

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--- Quote from: sperb on August 04, 2021, 08:23:47 pm ---Do you have any other equipment or any other connection to the circuit other than the power supply and oscilloscope?  Any connections with computer, signal generator, audio source, multiple channels of the scope, etc?

Any other connection to the circuit can get you trouble with the scope if you have more than one connection to ground(earth). Your scope probe ground is connected to the ground terminal of the power cord. You just need to find where the other ground connection is.


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Hi sperb,

Nothing at all. One probe is connected to the points I show in the first attached image and the other probe just laying around. My oscilloscope has only two channels.

The ground connection is the earthed ground of my main power supply e.g. 128V (I know should be 110V but our electricity company delivers 128V  :-//)

Supplying the positive/negative voltage to my circuit using my PSU, which is connected to the same ground and mains, the problem does not show up. I use channel 1 from my PSU connecting the red and black terminals to my resistor/Zener diode voltage splitter.



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