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Problems with DC Motor Controller for 2 Wire Fan

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Solar Paul:
Hi All, A very new newbie and I'm having problems setting up a personal respirator (for use as a woodworker)

I've got a 12V DC power Supply (3500mAh Bosch cordless drill battery) and a fan (GDSTIME brushless Dual Ball Bearing DC 12V 0.5A). The fan works fine when connected to the battery supply but it is a little too strong and I would like to be able to control the volume of air supplied.

I bought a DC motor controller (PWM) rated at 2.0A and installed it in the circuit but the fan only twitches. I thought this might be too small so I bought a second rated at 5.0A 4.5-35V but this behaves in the same way.

I went and spoke to the guys at Jaycar but they were unable to help me.

I'm looking for ideas on how to diagnose the problem and get this working. It's the last step

Thanks in advance
Solar Paul

Even with the speed control set to max the fan only twitches? Have you tried another load such as an incandescent bulb to confirm that the speed control works and is wired properly?

Solar Paul:
Hi James, no I haven't but I'll try that and get a multimeter to see what voltage is able to be read.

Hi, which motor controller are you using? Is that an L293D?

Brushless DC motors are really AC motors with drive electronics.  Some of these are a) not happy with speed controls of any kind.  b) extremely sensitive to the frequency of the supply voltage and expect DC and DC only.

You need to be sure the fan is okay with being controlled with a PWM controller.


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