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Put LC filter before or after LDO?

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Ok I'll remember not to use a huge cap the next time I make or modify some USB device, to be powered from my computer.

Why can't use huge capacitors?

I thought,
Using caps is ok, but you need add a soft start circuit to reduce the inrush currents.
or just use a Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors instead of polymer caps(SP-Cap, POSCAP, etc...) or MLCC is enough. At low frequency for example 100Hz they are the same, but latter is much better at 100kHz ~ 1MHz, used in power filter.

Also you can use a P-MOSFET(I used it in my design),
or some integrated solutions with integrated MOS, or external NMOS with integrated charge pump
for example some load switches or e-Fuse.


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