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One of the things that has proved surprisingly frustrating for me has been trying to identify the various connectors that are available, and which ones are appropriate to use.  For example, I bought a cheap stepper motor for a small project.  The motor comes with a small white connector attached to the leads, but I've had a lot of trouble trying to find a mate for it that would work.  In the end, I just cut the connector off and soldered the leads to the board. 

Is there a good reference somewhere to help me identify connectors, and also is there a similar reference that recommends the type and size of connector to use for original designs?  Flipping through the Mouse printed catalog, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the variety of choices, and there's clearly a vocabulary that I don't yet have.

I don't know of any such comprehensive catalog. Here is a business idea: Produce a website where people can enter descriptions of unknown connectors (or upload photos), and the website tries to identify the connector. Like those for identifying a piece of music.

The connector business is a cut-throat business. Every manufacturer tries to introduce special connectors and tries to convince electronic manufacturers to just use these, to get them locked in. If you go to the manufacturer websites like Molex, ITT Cannon, 3M, Phoenix Contact, Tyco (and hundreds more) you can get mad at them for the sheer amount of connectors they offer.

The datasheet for the motor should have had the connector type that was fitted. If it wasn't there, I would usually start by looking at connector manufacturers for example Tycho, Molex etc. If you work for a company and get reps in, there is another option. Show it to a rep and get them to identify it. I did that once and he recognised it almost instantly.



--- Quote from: btipton on December 27, 2010, 03:50:26 am ---In the end, I just cut the connector off and soldered the leads to the board.  

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make your own connector... the 2.54mm pitch header is the most common i think... female and male


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