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Question about the values of inductor coils.

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I would like to know if this two inductor coils in the picture have the same value? Or if it should be has the same value?.
Thank you.

Not necessarily—it depends on the application. The number of windings could be the same if all you care is line isolation, or it could be significantly different if you need to convert from high to low impedance to drive your speakers (this used to be a particular issue with valves, as I understand). Like with so many other things that have to with amplifiers, Rod Elliott has a great article on the subject (if you aren't familiar with his site, it's a great resource).

A 1:1 transformer (which will imply same value for coils) is more an exception than the norm, so no, usually they are not the same value.

About the posted schematic, it should say somewhere in the description how many turns has to be in each coil, and their physical dimension (length/diameter/core type, etc).

For RF tuned circuits, the self-inductance of each coil may differ, but the mutual inductance may well be less than the value for unity coupling.
These parameters are used to effect impedance matching in narrowband circuits.

Do you have any circuit simulator like LTSpice ? There's also more graphically oriented circuit simulators, that show the flow of currents.

I should try 1 of them also, on some SMPS gate drive circuits I'm trying to understand. I'm about to desolder some SMD parts, to really find out what they are, because it doesn't work right in LTSpice. Trying to identify sot23 SMD transistors and diodes is hard sometimes.


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