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Question with Fluke 17B

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Just got this unit in, and first impressions are very good. Its a very nice tool. I have no idea how i might verify it is working correct so I had a quick look around. One thing that bugged me was if i switch to mV the measurement starts falling. First at -001.0 and after 20 seconds -011.0 and so on. Why is that ? Is it a fault ?

The most basic DMM test, are to cross the leads, and if it display 0000 you are good to go  :)

Just bought one too. hope it's ok.

The play-up at the mV range ( with the test leads open = no contact between them)  its not a sign of damage.

I have had a 17B for a couple of months now and it's a great little meter for the price.

Feels like its more expensive brothers but at a budget price.  I'm happy to forgo a bit of resolution and accuracy because it's still good enough for 99% of the work I do but it comes with that Fluke "quality feel" which gives me confidence it'll still be working when I need it most.


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