Author Topic: Reconstructing a waveform from its harmonics.  (Read 10461 times)

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Re: Reconstructing a waveform from its harmonics.
« Reply #125 on: March 17, 2018, 06:23:39 pm »
But this is year 1 at university.......... i did all this in my A levels........ and the explanations are confusing at best. yes I know opamps in general and yes the stability analysis will be a challenge but for what else does one go to university ? With a thorough grounding in op amps I can design a low drop out regulator without it oscillating. As i am i rely on intuition.

Another way to look at it:  Take the easy courses when you can.  There will certainly be more difficult courses coming along.
It's kind of like my grandson's Calc I homework.  In every problem set there are a couple of 'give away' problems that can be solved by inspection.  Then there are the 'other' problems that take an entire sheet of paper.  We chuckle when we get the 'give away' problems and whine and snivel over the 'others'.

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