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Hi all

I been dabbling with electronics on and off, but nothing major. Im looking at repairing the DC jack on my laptop and ive noticed some black burn around the solder joint from where it overheated. Is there a good way of removing this burn?

Some of the components near it dont seem to be damaged so its just the jack that needs replacing.

Depends how badly its burnt and how far down it goes.

Sometimes if you try and scrape off the carbon you end up reaching one of the internal copper layers.

I was hoping not to scrape incase i damaged a track, is there any cleaning substance for pcb cleaning that can take this burn off the surface?

if its just a burn 'mark' then yeah you should be able to clean it off with some isopropanol and a hard brush
But if its actually 'charred pcb' you will have to carefully scrape it off

cheers psi for the advice, i will give it a try.


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