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Replacing centre-tap transformer with standard transformer

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Something that frustrates me just a little bit here on the forum (and I really don't want to start a firestorm like Simon did some time back :) )

I wish folks would put some sort of clue on their profile as to where they are located. Not an address or anything that would seriously identify them, just the country would be enough. Although state for the US would be cool, but that's because I keep an eye out for like-minded folks in Arizona and the Southwest. :)

In this particular case I'd be happy to search around a little to see if my favorite suppliers have a deal on the transformer that the OP needs but is he in the UK? Austrailia? The US? (and now Mars, I guess <grin> ) It obviously makes a big difference.

Sure, "just ask". Well I'm sitting here right now and have a few minutes to kill. If I ask, then wait for a reply, I may not have the time or inclination to go searching then.

It's just my humble opinion.

You;re right, I'll fill my location in. I guessed Australia because he mentioned Jaycar.


--- Quote from: JohnS_AZ on October 26, 2010, 06:45:28 pm ---Oops, scratch that. This drawing is actually configured as a center-tapped secondary.

--- End quote ---
About the "in phase" primaries of the transformer: if the schematic reflects the real magnetic cores, in the second one the two fluxes at the primary will act one aginst the other, resulting in null flux, so null voltage on the secondary. You can see it by setting one wire as positive and following the current flow direction.

Point taken John :)

Hero999: Yeah, thats about 3x what the speakers are worth, heh. And you're right, Jaycar arent very good. Far worse than Maplin, actually.

Oh, I just realised they sell a 160VA transformer with a twin 12V secondary which is cheaper but still out of your price range.

My local supper sells a  suitable transformer which is more affordable but the cost of shipping will be unacceptable.


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