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Rigol DG822 not recognizing USB thumbdrive
« on: June 03, 2020, 06:05:38 pm »

After a frustrating trial and error phase, unsuccessful internet search and poor Rigol correspondence I thought the following might be useful information for some...

The Rigol DG822 function generator turns out to be very picky on the type of thumbdrive inserted. Many are either not recognized or supposed written data aren't written to it afterall.

I ran into a USB thumbdrive which works flawlessly: the Adata C008 / 8GB (black with red slide button).

No matter which software I use to format it (FAT32, 4096 bytes/sector) it keeps working like a charm; storing screendumps works, installing firmware works, removing and re-inserting the drive keeps getting it recognized, etc.

According the specs 8GB is the maximum size supposed to be compatible and these are getting more rare these days: perhaps worth getting your hands on some of those USB thumbdrives while you still can.

I tried two DG822's and both had the USB stick issue; seems those devices are just picky. (first one I sent in for repair due to USB issue as well as some other issues; second one was the one I got as a replacement for the first one).
I could not find a common denominator among all not working USB thumbdrives nor could I find why exactly the working one was different from the not working ones (thumbdrive info shown in thumbdrive format/ test software).
Seems like suggested in an other Rigol related thread: 'just try more thumbdrives' is indeed just the way to go!
Perhaps I could add: avoid fancy expensive or fast thumbdrives; just focus on older or cheap basic models.

Note about firmware installation:
The explained 'at startup wait until Rigol logo appears with three dots under it and press the utility button' is not correct: just stick in the USB drive containing the 'SardineUpdate.GEL' file, turn the function generator on and wait until it finished starting up. A pop up will appear regarding noted presence of the firmware file and it is asked whether it should be installed. Accepting this the DG822 eventually will restart: with the USB thumbdrive still inserted it will once again notice the firmware file and ask again; just deny the latter suggestion, remove the thumbdrive and use it as your precious dedicated Rigol DG822 thumbdrive.


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