Author Topic: Rigol Dp832 vs 3* Korad KA3005P  (Read 296 times)

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Rigol Dp832 vs 3* Korad KA3005P
« on: May 07, 2020, 07:55:29 am »
I'm on a hunt for a triple bench supply to upgrade my older Farnell LT-30.
Main reason for updating is the digital readout and finer resolution of the voltage setting.(I'm tired of constantly having to have my multimeter plugged in to the supply to set the voltage or current limit accurately)
Other features are welcome but not necessary at this point.
I strongly considered the DP832 mainly because I already have a DG1022z and a DS1054z so I thought they would at least look good together:P
Frankly though, I've had a blast with the above combo and no issues at all so getting a PSU from Rigol would seem like the sensible thing to do until I saw about a few problems concerning this PSU namely the infamous output spike, the non isolated third supply ( not really a big issue for me) and the various issues Dave mentioned on his videos.
All in all the Rigol seems like a solid supply albeit a bit pricey considering its minor quirks.
In my opinion if it was priced near the Ds1054z it would have been a lot more popular.
Anyway, I watched a YT video of a guy replacing his DP832 with three Korad supplies and he seemed to be happy with his choice so I thought about this as well.
My only gripe with three separate supplies would be how to have the three outputs turn on simultaneously apart from the obvious; having  them on the same power strip and turn the strip on.
I'd really like some opinions on the matter since I will be making a purchase very soon..
Main use is a little bit of everything be it college projects, MCU stuff, analog audio circuits, repairs, digital and logic circuits etc.

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