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Rigol DS 1054Z vs 2072A
« on: February 06, 2016, 10:51:04 am »
Hello to every body here :)
I know it's a quite "stupid" question  but i'm really in doubt between these two DSOs..
I'm really a beginner with oscilloscopes always has been my electronics hobbyst dream!
Only now I can afford one since prices/features are pretty good at this time ..
The first is 100mhz+1GS+4ch at 400€, the other costs almost twice ( 800€) but with double sampling and memory  performance, 300mhz,better probes, but "only" 2 ch...
I think don't need ch4 and my interest are not   "digital World" and various bus data capturing ..
I'd like a scope that "emulate" as well as possible an old CRT with fine displayed waves ..
Which of these two models are considerable durable for the future ? ( I'm afraid that 2072A is too old project and will be soon replaced by Rigol :(  )
Thanks a lot!!! 
AH... which one allows readings at hightest frequency? ( i know the 1054 can see 400/500 mhz...and the 2072a? )
Only for testing purpouse,obviously not for "precision" and accurate measures  :)
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