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Rigol DS1025E On Its Way...Looking For a Great Way To Play...Any Suggestions?

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Ok, after back and forth debate in my head, I took out my CC, entered the info, and bought the Rigol. My very first oscilloscope will arrive on Wednesday (which happens to be my birthday...although this wasn't planned ;D ). I would like to experiment with some circuits to become familiar with using the oscilloscope. The first idea that popped into my head was Parallax's Understanding Signals book. Since I have a Basic Stamp dev kit + the parts, I figured this would be a good place to start. Since I can download the manual for free, I figure it would not be too hard to build a few of their experiments and see what happens scope wise.

I also have a Radio Shack electronics kit laying around that I could play with...however, I think the parallax option is the way to go as the images of their osc software will give me an idea of what I should see on the Rigol. I could also play with the Arduino, Make Controller, or a few other development boards I have laying around. Again, at least their is a set course with Understanding Signals.

Anyways, I would like to ask those on the EEVblog forum if you have any recommendations on a 'Get to Know Your Scope' path. I would like to really test the scope and understand its functions before I move forward and/or before I hack it. I promise to follow Dave's example either way...Smell it, then take it apart!

Thx in advance for any suggestions.

well, this is my 'Get to Know Your Scope' advice:
at least i've heard 5 people bricking or malfunctioning their Rigol scope while trying to mod it, thats it. Cheers.

Yeah tbh, I plan on waiting a few months before I even think about updating the firmware.

These should help....




The first thing I did with my Rigol was to test switches.  It may not sound like much, but you can get a real feel on how to 'zoom in' on the signal bounce. 

I was fascinated by just watching the scope capturing what happens in real switches.



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