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Rigol DS1052E for logic analysis


I'm interested in analysing some logic running at 5MHz for jitter or glitching. It's just a one-wire serial protocol but I'd also like to view some other stuff on an 8 bit bus running at 80MHz. I would like to know if the Rigol DS1052E would be feasible for this task. The "D" version with the logic analyser is about 4 times more expensive. How difficult is it to analyse logic using only the analog side of an oscilloscope? I've never used an oscilloscope outside of the classroom.

I know I'll run into limitations at 80MHz with only a 50MHz scope and two probes... Do you think it's worth it to buy the "D" version and avoid the hassle of trying to use the "E" version for logic analysis? I want something that will not let me down as I take on more challenging projects, but at the same time I don't want to give up a huge chunk of cash all at once on a hobby. The USB logic analysers are neat but they all have a low sampling rate or are just as expensive as the Rigol anyway.

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if you are talking about one single wire logic only, have you seen my thread? (i posted a PC App to do the Logic Analyzing there and the process/command discussion on how to develop such App). Since 1052e is 1GS/s at some certain appropriate time/div setting, my theoritical logic speed it can achieve is 1G/5 = 200Mbps. 5 is my own choosing factor which mean each bit will be stored as 5 points/samples. if i really desperate for bps speed, i can try capturing at 3 or even 2 points only per bit (500Mbps) but will be less reliable and more difficult to get the correct bit value esp for many 0s or 1s in series. but so far i dont have any system near those speed to do the reliability test. or can anyone suggest? SATA, IDE or those PC high speed bus? i dont have a better skill at testing it, i dont want to blow things up. as for higher Hz, the scope will still be able to show that, except attenuated. 1052 still can be modded to 1102... so far.

The logic analyzer option for the Rigol scope is fairly expensive and I think the reviews on RCgroups weren't too positive (don't remember exact details). Another option might be the Intronix LogicPort, it's cheaper than the Rigol logic analyzer option I believe, it's connected to a PC with a much larger screen and more capabilities, and the specs are pretty good.

A DSO will make an OK logic analyzer as long as you only need two channels and don't need advanced triggering / protocol support (at least the cheap DSO's, more expensive scopes tend to have these features).

intronix 34 channel... http://www.pctestinstruments.com/ same price as rigol.

Don't think you'll be able to touch the 80MHz bus. If it's sending a repeating signal (ASCII "UUUU...", for example) then you can undersample to stretch it. Has anyone tried that with the Rigol (with appropriate probes)? There would be aliasing, I 'suppose..


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