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Rigol DS1102E and RF envelope display

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I'm familiar with Analog Scopes but this Rigol Digital model has me searching for the right set up.
I'm trying to monitor my SSB RF output envelope (aka "christmas tree").
I have this link:
RIGOL DS1000E DS1000D Series Manual
The display that I end up with is very jerky, out of sync or the trigger selection is wrong.
Can someone help me along with this. Much appreciated.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Digital Oscilloscopes, ;D
If you have too long a time/div setting,your sample rate may be too low to reproduce the RF frequencies correctly.
Try reducing your transmitted (suppressed carrier) frequency,say 3.5MHz instead of,maybe,14 MHz.

My TEK TDS430A has Envelope mode to show this sort of thing. Works decently as long as the displayed signal isn't too close to the noise.  You can see some of my results showing AM modulation envelope with the TDS430A in envelope mode at http://www.cliftonlaboratories.com/am_modulation.htm

This is one of the applications where the signal processing performance of the z-axis of a DSO is weighed. Maybe it is no use for OP but at least Agilents perform quite well even for this kind of applications (I believe OP means X-Y mode where RF output is fed to X and modulating signal into Y-channel).


You may also want to try changing the triggering to "Line" so that there's a consistent trigger. Part of the jerkiness could be due to the scope switching between "triggered" and an "auto-trigger".

There are some things that an old analog scope is just naturally better at doing than a DSO.


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