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I'm new to soldering and have pretty bad Asthma and don't want to make it worse. Has anyone had experience with Superior No. 30 SuperSafe, a rosin alternative or anything else like that? I can get a fume extractor but I'm curious if anything is safer as I only do a little soldering.

Recommending petroleum jelly as a flux for electronics - and when the OP complains about asthma ...  :palm:  You are not that dude that was recommending mercury as a low temp solder for component desoldering in one rather infamous video, by chance?
OP, get a decent fume extractor. That will do you much better service that messing with different fluxes. Even water based fluxes "stink" and are irritants, so if you don't want to mess with your health, a fume extractor is really the only way. Flux is only one thing that produces irritant fumes during soldering, things like wire insulation or various plastics release nasty stuff when heated as well.

I would probably go with a fan to exhaust the smoke away and a good ventilation as a minimum if I had bad asthma.

I am not convinced Superior 30 flux is any less irritating than rosin fluxes.  What causes you to have an attack is not predicted by what causes attacks in others.  The only listed ingredient is glutamic acid hydrochloride salt.  However, SDS's do not have to list all ingredients.


Acute exposure for either:

--- Quote ---SECTION IV- HEALTH HAZARDS Primary Routes of Entry:  Fume inhalation, ingestion, skin, and eyes.Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: 1) Acute Effects:  Reddening of eyes and skin, acid stomach if ingested, inhalation may cause  respiratory tract irritation.
--- End quote ---

Be careful.  Use with good ventilation.

To a limited extend one can use glycerin as a flux. It does help removing the oxide, but it hardly helps getting better surface forming on small SMD parts.
Even this simple chemical can still produce toxic products when decomposing - the active reaction is likely from the decomposition products. So good ventilation or a fume hood is still needed.
A good point is easy cleaning, as it's well water and IPA soluble.

Martin Miranda:
 i have a bad asthma too. but changing soldering flux won't help.

1. buy a good fume extractor. i cannot stress this enough.  :-+
2. get a room air purifier. any air purifier will do.


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