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RT2571WF - External Antenna Hack

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Hey guys, i have this old USB CNet Wireless Adapter which i am trying to connect an external antenna onto, as this weekend project :)

I am having a problem locating where to exactly iron the two ends of the antenna onto, and whether i need to remove a certain resistor for things to work. Below i have attached three screenshots of my chipset in hopes that one of the geniuses around here can figure it out for me :)

Cheers, and thanks in advance.

what you propse can be tricky and turn out to be worse than before. These things are generally very specificly designed, this is not a shortwave radio you know

yep, I agree with what Simon said. But isn't that an antenna connector at the right top corner of the second picture ? You could find a proper pigtail for that. You would also probably need to get rid of the middle resistor/capacitor (those 3 vertical, where one is not there).

I thought that it looked like a connector jack, too. If so, you shouldn't need to make any modifications at all when attaching a pigtail - they're designed for this sort of thing.

Thanks for your reply guys, i did what this site says, as in, CUT the brass board so its disconnected, and then soldered everything almost like in the photos, but i did not notice ANY signal enhancement. Could it be coz i did not remove that middle resistor? As i think my 8db antenna would want some kind of more power or sth :)



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