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Running 120v Mig Welder on 220v Outlet

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My mig welder requires 120v and pulls max 25 amps. I want to run it off my dryer outlet power source. My plan is to run a regular dryer plug in the outlet and wire it into my mig welder, using only 1 of the hot connections. I asked chatgpt about the plan and it said:

--- Quote ---It is not recommended to wire a 120V mig welder into a 240V dryer outlet using only one hot connection. The reason is that the voltage is too high for the welder and can damage the machine or cause safety hazards.

A 240V dryer outlet provides two hot wires, each carrying 120V, that combine to provide the 240V power required for the dryer. If you only use one hot wire and the neutral wire to power the welder, you would be providing 120V to the welder, which is the correct voltage, but the neutral wire is not designed to handle the full 25A current draw of the welder. This can cause overheating, damage, or fire hazards.

If you want to use the dryer outlet to power your 120V mig welder, you will need to use a step-down transformer to reduce the voltage from 240V to 120V. This will allow you to safely power the welder using both hot wires and the neutral wire of the dryer outlet. Alternatively, you can have a licensed electrician install a dedicated 120V outlet for the welder, which would be a safer and more permanent solution.
--- End quote ---

To me it just sounds like it's talking a bunch of nonsense, so I figured to be safe I'd ask the real experts before moving forward ;D

What you guys think?

is the wire size for the neutral smaller than for the hots?


--- Quote from: langwadt on March 31, 2023, 03:58:37 pm ---is the wire size for the neutral smaller than for the hots?

--- End quote ---

It's standard 10/3 electrical wire. Pics attached.

The black 10/3 wire is from an old dryer. The orange is new 10/3 romex.

Given this is the beginners forum and we talking about fatal voltages...

If you have any doubts about your wiring >100V, you need a local professional.  Not nerds on the internet.

The best part is... if anyone is going to get electrocuted it will be them and not you.

If you feel studied enough that the above does not apply, then why are you asking?

try a professional electricians forum, Mike Holt forum.

Use of one side,of 240 V connection is poor practice.

A welder on any household circuit will induce,severe flicker and transients on the same line and breaker panel bus.



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