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Sanwa YX360TRF analogue multimeter / Canadian or U.S. Dealer???

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  This popular inexpensive analogue meter commonly used in other parts of the world does not seem to have any dealers in Canada or the U.S.....only Asia......Anyone aware of a domestic retailer for this meter ?
Or perhaps a comparable one ?

Sanwa is quite a popular analogus multimeter here in Asia. I once met a sales lady at the Sanwa's booth during the half yearly electronics show in Hong Kong, giving me some gift but unforunately no multimeter for free.

According to the Sanwa website, the only "official" distributor for N.A. is in Canada.

and, I spot a few seller from Hong Kong and Taiwan are shipping 360TRF worldwide. I notice the price is almost double than the street price in Hong Kong.



Is "Made in Japan" for real?  All of the sales from China lead me to believe otherwise...

You have to be very careful about buying Sanwa brands in Asia, many counterfeits are there; still the case when I was there 3 months ago.  Best bet is always through an authorized Sanwa dealer, its about $25 anyway only, in local currency.

Read the brand carefully.. there is a popular clone called Sunwa from China with similar font, colour and model names too.. cheapest ones cost less than USD10.00

Interestingly, I find most of local electronic stores in Malaysia seems to use the Sunwa analog meter brand for their own use... even one of the testing electronic component site even recommended it for testing electronic components for repair technicians because it have x10k ohm range that can output 12V.

They are good for testing components but I wouldn't rely on them for accuracy measurements or using quality parts inside.


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